Welcome to MRI Overseas Property HQ’s blog

Being a real estate company with offices in many countries, MRI Overseas Property doesn’t feel like a traditional real estate company, and its corporate HQ here in Marbella doesn’t really feel like your traditional estate agent’s office.

Then again, that isn’t surprising, because it is more the nerve centre of the company’s operations throughout the world. These involve not only property sales but building, rentals, media and other interests.
So it’s less about a corner office with a window full of properties for sale, a battered old desk, a bulging in-tray, more about a building choc-full of admin, marketing , IT, creative and sales people, with the buzz of a global “nerve-centre”.

Here at MRI Overseas Property, country flags adorn the ceilings, a suspended HDTV screen plays OPTV, the company’s sister TV station (satellite 287, if you’re interested…) and the kitchen is a-buzz at break times with a mixture of languages.

There’s Russian, Spanish (we are based in Marbella), Dutch, even the odd English speaker (joke – even though we’re an international company, English is still pretty much our “mother” tongue – certainly around the office, anyway).

In typical Spanish style, the road outside is a high-speed roller coaster, there’s a beach with all types of watersports opposite us, there’s never anywhere to park, and if it weren’t for the industrial-strength air conditioning, we’d be unable to function after a few hours.

And there’s always – always – something going on. This is, if nothing else, a high speed company. Ideas come, are discussed, executed, analysed, fine tuned, expanded, ditched, praised, pilloried – all in the space of a few weeks or even days. One of the hallmarks of working here is never quite knowing what to expect next.

Which is the reason for MRI’s HQ blog. In a company which often feels (in a good way) unlike any other, and where things happen so quickly they are sometimes in danger of being forgotten, this blog is here to record the day to day goings on inside our HQ.


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