Office move in full swing

With more of our office renovations here at MRI HQ going on, staff are moving in at a rate of knots.

Glass screens are going up separating MRI’s rental department from its after-sales division from the telemarketers from their directors from us here in the creative and marketing departments (deep breath) and the operations team are in and out every half hour with desks, telephones, computers, chests of drawers, cabinets, reels of network cable, and all the other stuff that goes with getting dozens of people up and running at their workstations with the minimum of fuss.

It’s really exciting to feel the buzz around the place as new desks are occupied and new faces appear on a daily basis, and it’s fair to say that it will be worth all the disruption (doors propped open letting our precious air conditioned air out, leading to condensation dripping from the huge ceiling-mounted units “comically” onto people’s heads; mobile phones don’t yet work in the building creating the need to stand outside and block one ear sometimes; occasional connectivity glitches with our PCs…).

With August fast approaching – traditionally one of the most quiet months in real estate – it is a fact that things round here are going to be very far from quiet, as the hive of activity around us and the number of people busily dealing with clients and arranging deals on the phones attest to.

And of course, August in Spain is not a bad place to be come evening when you can change out of your work clothes and head down to the nearest beach bar for a bite to eat as the sun sets… Bring it on!



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