Lifestyle over investment for Brits

A recent survey by Savills Research and has found that a whopping 50% of British buyers are primarily looking for a holiday home when choosing a property overseas.

Retirement is the primary motivation for 18% of people, with 17% citing fly-to-let/investment as their reason for purchasing abroad and just 16% saying that capital growth/resale is their motivation for buying.

Indeed, over 60% of people reported that the future resale value of a property was “not important” or they were “neutral” towards it.

The report also found that Spain and France are still the most popular countries for owning a property abroad, and that Cyprus, Geece and Turkey are the promising new areas to watch.

Finally, it seems that Brits aren’t overly concerned about green issues, with just 2% saying that environmental issues would make them consider buying a property closer to home.


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