Estate Agents’ Body “Hijacked”

Here is the text of a press release issued this morning by MRI Overseas Property:


Estate Agents’ Body “Hijacked” by Outside Groups, Real Estate Firm Claims


A leading real estate company is considering whether to continue as a member of the National Association of Estate Agents (NAEA), due to concerns that the body may be being used as a platform for libellous comments against it.

MRI Overseas Property, the largest overseas real estate firm in Europe, has expressed its “astonishment and concern” at recent actions by the UK-based NAEA.

Dominic Pickering, MRI Overseas Property’s chief operating officer, said:

“MRI has always been a great believer in professional associations, but only if they are used in the correct way.

“We have a real concern that the NAEA’s impartiality as an industry body is being hijacked by a number of outside interests acting together.

“We are hoping that the NAEA can demonstrate it is not being affected by these outside forces, but if it cannot, we will have no option but to take further action to protect our reputation as necessary.”


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