Offer to pay your mortage for two years

With the credit crunch showing no signs of going away, many people are being put off making that longed-for overseas property purchase:

  • Falling equity in UK first homes and the state of the mortgage market here mean many potential buyers think they simply can’t afford to buy an overseas property right now
  • Worries about worldwide banking, problems in the jobs market at home, and just a real fear of the unknown are all contributing to the paralysis gripping many potential overseas property purchasers in the UK right now

But as every investor knows, the time to act is precisely when the market is at the bottom. That’s when the biggest gains are likely to be made. And that’s why right now MRI is offering to pay your mortgage for two years when you buy an off-plan property in Bulgaria or Romania from us.

Find out more by going to our “beat the credit crunch” landing page


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