What did you get for Xmas?

It’s not all doom and gloom in the property world. And MRI Overseas Property are here to show you why.

The snow is high and so are the ratings at Aspen Golf!

If you didn’t buy in Bansko, then you missed out! Fantastic news, straight from our team there telling us that bookings went through the roof – we had FULL occupancy and had to put a STOP SALE on the holiday websites until the end of January as we were fully booked. This means every unit we had available, we rented…

And we’re equally proud to announce that MRI Overseas Property have just received our first 10 out of 10 rating (the average overall rating is 7.3 out of 10) for our very first development. Another stunning success for the MRI team!

This is fantastic news and just goes to show that MRI Overseas Property were right when they decided to build there and offer this fantastic opportunity to our savvy clients.

And what’s more, Bansko Ski Season, 2008/09 has kicked off in a fabulous fashion. If you’re a skiier or even just thinking about starting, take a look at what’s happened in Bansko already and what delights are to come!

Winter Olympic and World Champions Hanni and Andreas Wenzel, Italian ski master Gustavo Thoeni, Austrian World Downhill Champion Harti Weirather and 5 times World Cup Winner, Marc Girardelli are among those to have attended the official opening.
With more than 160 snow cannons providing snow coverage for the entire resort should weather conditions require, the ski park caters for all fans of winter sports including an ice-rink, fun park and a half pipe providing the necessary adrenaline rush and exhibition area for those seeking to show off their skills.  Indeed, all options are on offer, including the thrill of heli-ski and para-ski.
It is worth noting that safety is a major consideration, with ski-police on patrol to ensure there is no dangerous skiing and to keep an eye on your equipment whilst you take a break.  A total of 130 ski instructors are active across the park with the added security of knowing that safety nets have been installed by Kurt Koch, who has experience of providing safety at over 500 competitions for the World Cup in alpine skiing.
The highest track on the resort is an amazing 2,560m high, the lowest 1,000m.  The longest track is a truly knee-trembling 16km.  The resort has a total of 70km of ski runs with the latest Doppelmayer lift systems in place, providing 25km of high capacity infrastructure helping to keep waiting times to a minimum.
The Tomba run is seen as the most attractive, having been assessed by none other than Alberto Tomba and also meeting with the approval of such greats as Franz Klammer, Rosi Mittermaier, Marc Girardelli, Hristo Stoychkov and Petar Popangelov.
Nursery and Ski Schools are abundant, offering the possibility for new beginners or younger children to learn in a safe and friendly environment.  Numerous restaurants and ski-bars are dotted around the park, offering a range of cuisine and refreshments.
For the first time ever, Austrian ski stars have held their spectacular, annual end of season ´fanclub´ event outside of Austria, preferring instead to use the state-of-the-art facilities of Bansko.  Amongst the galaxy of Austrian stars attending the event were Marc Girardelli, Michaela Dorfmeister, Renate Götschl, Elisabeth Görgl, Nicole Hosp, Michaela Kirchgasser, Alexandra Meissnitzer, Reinfried Herbst, Rainer Schönfelder, Fritz Strobl, Werner Franz,Christian Mayer, Sabine Egger, Tanya Schneider, Brigitte Obermoser, Heinz Schilcheger, Selina Heeregger and Martina Lechner.

During March 2008, Bansko held its first European Cup Downhill race, with the winners being Stefan Tanie from Italy and Florian Scheiber from Austria.  Scheduled for March 2009 is the Apline Ski FIS Europa Cup Downhill race for men.  The elite from the European Apline ski world are expected to attend, including European Cup leader Stefan Thanei from Italy who currently holds a slender lead in front of 2nd placed Finn, Jukka Leino and Marcel Hirscher from Austria.

Also scheduled for this season are 2 races from the Audi FIS Alpine Ski World Cup, taking place from February 28th.  This is a very special event, the first time Bulgaria has hosted a World Cup competition.


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